May 22, 2015

Fashion Friday: Teen makeup dos and don’ts

Teen makeup dos and don'ts tips by San Diego high school senior photographers.


Happy friday everyone! Today’s topic is perfect for all the graduating classes (yay you!) We get do many concerned girls, and with that mom and dad get a little worried too: Makeup when you are a teen is hard. Too much and you look like you tried too hard, and you are staring to look like a makeup “try me” doll! That is not good. Wrong colors and then your face won’t match. Lips? Don’t even start thinking about the thousands of colors and textures!

Makeup should always be a tool to enhance your features! No matter if you are 13 or 40, makeup is not a mask to “redo” your face, it’s a tool to make you feel confident by accentuating your beauty. Pimples? yeah, let’s hide them, but don’t hide your whole face!! Photography requires the right balance between “a light hand” and the “the right amount” so that makeup shows in camera, note: SHOWS THE COLOR! We don’t wan’t to see the makeup texture, we want to see your pretty skin glowing 🙂 . That’s why our sessions come with professional makeup, because the MUA knows what to do, and how to create the makeup look that will accentuate and bring our your features while concealing those pimples, scars or dark circles (that exams week is not cool on your skin.)

Today’s topic is so hot that a really practical site named Maskcara had it too! And let me tell you, Cara (the sweet owner and author of Maskcara) is so knowledgable! She has some amazing tips for your everyday makeup, specifically for TEENS! Woohoo! We thought it would be neat to send you guys over to her post, because as a makeup artist she has a better way to explaining everything! You can view her tips by clicking HERE.


#1 – Natural is THE way to go. Don’t overthink it, you know it’s true.

#2 – Your foundation should match your skin. Need more color? A tiny bit of bronzer or blush will do the trick!

#3 – Lips are for smiling! Keep them happy by using glosses and hydrating balms! With color if you want something extra from the shine 🙂

Teen makeup dos and don'ts tips by San Diego high school senior photographers.Cara said it so well on her post: HAVE FUN! Makeup is just makeup, it’s washable, so have fun! Experiment, laugh a little in front of the mirror, find your signature look, check for color matching foundation in different lights. Just keep having fun! In the end, no makeup will ever beat your smile 🙂 .


Have any extra tips? Share them in the comments! Don’t forget to make today a great day!


Ingrid & Luis




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