October 14, 2016

Stylish Fall Trends: Lace – Fashion Friday



Stylish Fall Trends

It’s Friday and that means we are happy to have another Fashion Friday! And what better topic than stylish fall trends?!

It’s already October and it seems like our weather changed overnight! Don’t get me wrong, for those of you out of the city, San Diego is still sunny, no rain and no extreme anything. But we jumped from 75˚ to 64˚ in the same week! That’s the power of October for you!

We have some super cute fall trends that are pretty stylish and easy to pull off by almost anyone. When you think about fall, is your mind thinking green, muted colors and maybe some neutrals? Then you are already in the right path, my friend! Now, to spice things up and to keep it current, it’s going to be all about the details!

Stylish Fall Trends: Lace

Stylish Fall Trends: Lace

See that beautiful neutral top? Very easy to mix with almost anything, but notice the detail: Lace! Lace is very very in right now, and it doesn’t have to bee as big of a detail like with this top, it can be a simple border. The point is, get that texture in there and to make it stylish.

Stylish Fall Trend showing lace as the texture detail

Also, mix those metals! Fall is all about transitions, and mixing up your metals in your accessories is totally OK!

Add a hat!

Same outfit, but now theres a little extra “fall” in it, a simple hat can change an outfit in a snap.

Stylish Fall trend: Lace and a hat

Stylish fashion trend inlcuding lace and hats

It makes the outfit look mysterious yet romantic. Adding a hat is such an easy way of spicing things up!

Makeup for fall

And just a quick tip for your fall makeup: You’ll be seeing dark lips everywhere. Instagram pics, Pinterest… Everywhere! But don’t feel like you have to change your makeup just because it’s fall and everyone says it’s what it’s in. Just be you. Add a little color if you want to, those earthy tones is what would look best on any skin tone either way! Fashion is still all about feeling comfortable in representing your style!

Fall trend for 2016 is adding lace


Tell us: Do you change your wardrobe per season or do you simply add pieces to compliment the passing trends?

Our model for this Fashion Friday about Stylish Fall Trends is the beautiful Raquel Chavez, fashion designer and San Diego local. You can find her on Instagram at @RaquelStyleBlog.

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